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Small businesses often have trouble standing out from the competition. In fact, only two-thirds of businesses make it past two years.

Fortunately, your business doesn’t have to fall into this category. Local listings management is a way to help create more exposure and grow your business.

Read on for 8 ways local listing management can grow your business. 

1. Free Google Listing

When you want to focus on your local customers, you need to make it easy for them to find you. To improve your local listings, the first step is to claim your business on Google. 

Google offers a free tool called Google My Business, so there is no reason why your business shouldn’t be updated. After you claim your business on Google My Business, you need to fill in the relevant information such as:

  • Website URL
  • Address
  • Contact numbers
  • Hours of operation
  • Photos
  • Reviews
  • Special Events
  • Business Description

Having this information as accurate as possible is important when you want to attract local businesses. 

People searching for businesses in their area will want to know all of this information before they take the time to visit your business. 

2. Local SEO Campaign

About 60% of all website traffic originates via organic search. Driving more organic traffic is a great way for businesses to increase their traffic when they don’t have a large budget for advertising. 

There are a few things you can do to successfully optimize your site and run a successful local SEO. For starters:

  • Google My Business listing (as mentioned before)
  • Focus on local keywords
  • Reviews from customers
  • Social media profile

Focusing on these 4 key factors can help your SEO efforts. 

3. Give Blogging a Try

Blogging offers your business a great platform to share with customers articles, tips, and interesting content about your niche. 

Having a blog will also help your local online visibility. Search engines tend to place sites that have blogs with relevant content on the top of the search engine results. 

Ensure your blog has relevant topics and local keywords in order to target your business. If you have a dental practice in Chicago, you should use relevant keywords in your blog. For example, try keywords along the lines of “what to look for in a dentist in Chicago” “top questions to ask your dentist in Chicago.”

Having these types of keywords will earn you points with the search engines. Always ensure your content is well-written and relevant to your site. 

Google and other search engines penalize sites that use keyword stuffing and their SEO ranking will suffer. 

4. Focus on Social Media

If you start a blog for your business and want more local exposure, social media is the place to do it. Social media is beneficial for businesses for a variety of reasons. 

For starters, when you have an active social media account, you can share your blog posts. Since content published on social media is highly shareable, any of your customers and followers can share it. 

Social media platforms are also a great place to connect with your customers. You can reply to their comments and engage in a conversation. 

For small businesses, it’s essential to stay active on their social media accounts to continue attracting local customers.

If you decide to use your social media accounts as a way to attract more traffic, make sure you have a plan in place. You will need to decide when your posts will get published and so on. 

5. Make the Most of Directory Sites

We talked about updating your contact information on Google my business, but there are other places where you can leave your contact information. 

For example, you can leave your information on local directory sites such as Yelp or TripAdvisor. 

When these sites have the most relevant information, they’re more likely to share your site with their users. 

6. Use Partnerships

Having a partnership with local businesses or influencers is another local listing management best practice. 

You can partner with local businesses in order to help bring more quality traffic. You might not want to partner up directly with competitors, but you can partner with companies that offer supplemental services. For example, if you own a hair salon, you can partner with a nail salon to give customers a better deal. 

Sharing the partnership on your site or social media channels will help you with the exposure. 

If you’re an expert in a certain topic, you can also look into doing guest blogging. By publishing a guest article on another site, you can bring traffic back to your own. 

Partnering with influencers will also increase your exposure. An influencer is someone who already has a trusted and established an audience. If they believe in your products and services, they will share it with their audience.

7. Have a Contest

People love free stuff and your customers are no exception. If you want to attract more customers to your business, look into having a contest.

You can run the contest on your social media profiles. For example, if you sell products, you can have a giveaway for your latest items. 

To get your customers engaged, encourage them to share a picture of themselves wearing your products. You can also ask them to tag other people. Doing this will create more exposure for your business. 

In the end, you can pick one or a few winners and inform your customers of more contests to come. 

8. Focus on Appealing Images

Let’s face it, humans are visual creatures. If you want to capture your customer’s attention, make sure you show them appealing images.

If you have poor quality photos, they might think it’s a reflection of your business. 

Having high quality or professional photos in your social media channels or online listings can help you gain more customers.

Local Listing Management: The Bottom Line

Local listing management can help your business stand out and drive more local traffic. Start by updating your contact information, take advantage of social media, and focus on your local SEO.

Are you in need of local listings solutions for your business? Contact us for more information.

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