Instagram and Facebook aren’t the only social media platforms in the game. Is that even where your target audience is spending the bulk of their time?

According to Hootsuite, there are 250 million people using Pinterest every month. They’re busy doing everything from planning weddings to designing the living room of their dreams. These users are twice as likely to say their time on social media was well-spent, too.

Your customers are there, so why not use it to your advantage?

Here are nine tips for using Pinterest to drive sales. With these tips, you can increase brand awareness and revenue to boost your business.

1. Know Your Audience

Before you get started, you need to know your audience. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing who you’re talking to. With 250 million monthly users on Pinterest, it could be anyone.

What do you know about your audience? Try to consider their likes, dislikes, and the problems they face. How can your product or service solve these problems?

People prefer to communicate on a personal level. After all, we’re all distinct individuals. To speak to your audience on a personal level, narrow your audience down into key buyer’s personas.

Consider demographics, behaviors, psychographics, and desires.

Once you understand your buyers, it will become easier to make content that appeals to their interests.

Don’t forget, your customers are online every day. Create a content schedule for posting pins. Make sure to maintain a consistent schedule.

That way, you’re becoming a part of your customers’ daily routine.

2. Use Rich Pins

Sometimes, a pin isn’t quite enough. A rich pin, on the other hand, is an effective tool for using Pinterest for marketing.

Rich pins allow companies to add extra information to their images.

By enhancing your pin with extra information, you can answer the questions your clients are asking. Rich pins even offer real-time pricing and availability, making it easier for them to buy online.

Offering convenient access to the information your customers need makes their lives easier. When it’s easier to buy, they’re also more likely to buy. Instead of having to search around, your customers have everything they need to make a decision.

You can even add a “Visit” button to these pins to send people to your website.

That way you’re increasing web traffic, too!

3. Host a Contest

Contests are a fun, effective way to build anticipation. Use contests to drive interest in your products and encourage customers to get engaged.

You can choose from coupons, free event passes, swag bags, and more.

You can even give your loyal Pinterest audience exclusive deals. Making your Pinterest followers feel special will help encourage them to share the love.

Don’t forget to consider your customers. What can you offer that they want or need? If you know what they want, they’re more likely to participate in your contest.

4. Tell a Story

Hard sales tactics won’t work. Instead, draw people in with a compelling story. People want to know how a product or service will benefit their lives, so show them.

If you have a company that sells dog toys, show happy, friendly dogs at play. You can also show an image of a dog tearing at the furniture. Then, match it with a photo of the same dog behaving with their new toy instead.

Telling a story can help you connect with your customers on a closer level.

5. Inspire Them

We rely on the internet to tell us what’s what. Before making a purchase, we check reviews, watch tutorials, and read blog posts for extra information. Pinterest users do the same.

In fact, 90% of weekly Pinners use the app to inform their purchase decisions.

Your customers want that information! Using Pinterest, you can show them the benefits of choosing your business. Your photos and content can even inspire customers to use your product in new and interesting ways.

After all, people are coming to Pinterest in search of inspiration.

Show them what your brand has to offer. How can you help your customers in ways no one else can? Then, create content that shows them the beauty of choosing your business!

6. Add “Pin It” Buttons

Make your website content easy to pin. Add a “Pin It” button to your product pages. That familiar red button will encourage your customers to share, making it easier for new customers to find your website.

Don’t forget to check the analytics!

Watch to see which pages are performing well (and which pages need extra help).

7. Feature Pins on Your Site

Using Pinterest for sales doesn’t mean you’re stuck on Pinterest.

Considering adding an entire board to your website. You can update this board throughout the year to match events.

For example: create a Mother’s Day board full of gifts moms will love.

Time-relevant boards will give your website fresh content to keep your visitors interested.

8. Add Pinterest To Your Facebook

Consider cross-promoting, too!

Adding a Pinterest section to your Facebook page will increase awareness. That way, you can draw an audience from one social media platform to the next.

Increase your following on all of your social media accounts with these effective tips.

9. Use High-Quality Imagery

Pinterest is all about eye-catching imagery. To encourage people to stop scrolling and take a closer look, your images need to stand out.

Make sure to incorporate high-quality imagery that reflects your brand.

Try adding dominate colors such as red, green, and orange. Instead of a vertical image, go portrait style. Instead of a white background, show an intriguing, real-world environment.

These photos will stand out and help you draw in Pinterest sales.

Add your brand colors into the mix to help improve brand awareness and recognition, too.

Pin It To Win It: Using Pinterest for Sales

Turn your Pinterest account into a money-maker! With these nine tips for using Pinterest, you can attract new business and increase sales.

Your customers are out there, already pinning. Give them something new to love by using Pinterest for marketing. Contact us today to get started on your Pinterest marketing strategy!