About Wingman

Why Wingman

We talked to many small business owners who were frustrated with their existing web design companies, either because they never heard back from their web guy, they never got their problems resolved, or they were paying way too much for someone to create and manage their site.

We created Wingman because we wanted to empower small business owners to have a custom website that allowed them to compete on a larger scale without paying for a custom site that would break the bank.

What’s in a Name

As we sat in our office brainstorming our new business venture, we knew we wanted to communicate our desire to be THE custom web design company for today’s small business owner. As we white-boarded our ideas, we kept coming back to the idea of a wingman; you know, the guy who always has your back, who’s always looking out for your best interests, and who tries his very best to set you up for success at all times.

We wanted to be the “Goose” to their “Maverick,” the “Hitch” to their “Albert,” the “Chewbacca” to their “Han Solo.” We wanted to be their Wingman.

Why that Matters to You

Our number one goal is to be your Wingman, to have your back at all times, managing your website with excellence so you can focus on growing a successful business. You can count on us to be there when you need us, to answer your questions in a timely manner, and to keep your website performing at its very best.

You can trust us to be your Wingman.

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