Where is your website? Do you have a blog? 

Two questions most people ask when they find out you’re in business. 

What’s your answer?

Maybe you’ve tried blogging and couldn’t stick with it because you didn’t know what to post. Or, maybe you took a course on blogging for business and couldn’t get past identifying your target client.

Whatever the reason is for you not following through and creating a blog for your business, it’s not too late to get started. 

In case you’re still not convinced a blog for your business even matters, we’ve put together a list of reasons why blogging is important. Hopefully, we’ll inspire you and get you writing some fresh content.

Target Potential Clients

Clients are the backbone of your business but finding the right ones isn’t always a simple task. Blogging for business helps you target your potential clients.

Keep in mind business blogs don’t normally promote your products and services. Any marketing done on your blog is subtle in nature. The big guns come out on your business website. Effective ways to target potential clients include:

  • Sharing facts and ideas about your industry
  • Writing about your services in a general way
  • Addressing challenges your target clients face
  • Sharing solutions

Writing for potential clients means you’ll spend time analyzing your target customer. Find out what they want to know about and write on those topics.

Consider looking at your competition and figure out who their target market is and what their marketing tactics are. You may not want to imitate the competition, but you can certainly get ideas from them.

Once you find your target client group, use your blog to get them to your website.

Drive Website Traffic

Whether your blog exists on a separate site or it’s located in a section on your business website, the blog’s primary goal should be to drive traffic to your website.

Most small businesses work with limited digital marketing budgets. Driving as much organic, or free traffic to your business site helps you maximize your budget.

When you post new content on your business blog you increase your indexable pages on search engines. This creates opportunities for your target client to click over to your site where you can then market to them.

Another way your blog drives website traffic is through the links you include on your page. You should include links to your products and services page, a contact page, and your online store.

It’s not enough to target prospective clients, you must get your brand in front of them. 

Increase Brand Awareness

You’re not far from the truth if you say most of the world uses social media. Social media use in 2019 is estimated to reach 2.77 billion users.

Pushing your blog content out to multiple social media channels gets your brand in front of the largest group of potential clients. You may believe people don’t connect with unfamiliar brands on social media. That’s simply not true.

For example, roughly 60 percent of users claim they find new products and services on Instagram. They don’t only shop on Instagram and Facebook. Social media users read product reviews and create their own reviews of products and services.

Your brand is your greatest asset. It represents the relationship between you and your customers. Your brand is your name but it’s more than that—it’s your reputation.

Why not use your blog to help you establish your reputation?

Earn an A Plus Reputation

Customers reviews are wonderful but you can’t rely solely on word of mouth. Customers can’t prove you know your industry and they can’t verify your level of expertise.

Your blog is where you prove what you know! It’s a place where customers can go for inside information about your industry. Many business owners feel hesitant about sharing valuable secrets online but giving potential clients access to insider information can increase sales—and trust.

This is your opportunity to show what you know, rather than simply telling that you know something. Once people see you as an expert, they’ll trust you and look at you as a reliable go-to resource.

Customers will go to your blog for solutions. If you offer free solutions to their problems, it’s likely they’ll remember you when they need a product or service you offer. 

People buy from businesses they trust. Your blog is where you begin turning curious readers into future customers.

Another benefit of blogging for business is the potential for partnering with people who have an influence on social media channels.

Partner with Influencers

Word of mouth still works, especially in the digital marketing world and it drives between 20 and 50 percent of decisions made to purchase products.

When people talk about your business on social media, brand awareness grows and so do your sales. People with large followings usually have an uncanny influence with their followers. Good news if you want more attention focused on your brand.

These people are called influencers. Research shows collaboration with an influencer may be more powerful than paying for advertising. 

If you can attract a few influencers to your blog and partner with them, you’ll not only enjoy an increase in brand awareness, your partnership should result in more readers, and consequently more new clients.

Another benefit of blogging for business is that you can stay at the forefront of your potential client’s minds.

Get in Their Heads

The average social media user logs into one or more of their accounts a minimum of once each day. Many users get social multiple times per day.

When you push your blog out to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you connect with followers and keep your brand in their minds.

Since the audience and the platform itself varies across the different social media channels, you’ll tweak content to fit the platform. And always include a link back to your blog and/or your business site.

If you keep content informative and entertaining, your followers will look for fresh content from you. If you can keep your brand in front of customers, you will be their first stop when they get serious about purchasing a product or service.

But the point isn’t simply pushing content on readers.

The point should always be offering value and drawing clients to your business site where you can continue cultivating your relationship with them.

Are You Blogging for Business Yet?

We’ve given you some solid reasons and benefits for starting a business blog. 

Now you know blogging for business can help identify your target market, increase brand awareness, and grow your reputation. You can also find a loyal following and a few influencers you can partner with. Finally, blogging and social media help you keep your brand in front of your target market. 

The list isn’t conclusive but it’s a good starting point. 

If you’re ready for the next level in your marketing strategy, contact us and request a complimentary demo. Let us show you how we can help you grow your business.