Convenient and affordable online life coaching for females around the globe.


Located in Los Angeles, California, Blush provides online life coaching for millennial women across the globe. Their subscription-based platform is convenient, affordable, and relatable for females dealing with anxiety, relationship troubles, career obstacles, and the quarter life crisis. However, with the ever-changing millennial website trends as well as complicated programming for their Dashboard app, Blush needed a consistent source of support for troubleshooting and an overall facelift for the brand.

“Before Wingman, my conversions were stagnant and my business had plateaued. Not only did Wingman create perfectly tailored branding for my target market that increased my revenue by over 20%, but I also now have my developer who takes care of Blush like it is his own business. Don't know how Blush would survive without my wingman!”


When Blush originally launched a few years ago, they spent thousands of dollars for a modern custom site to attract young females who needed counseling. After launching, they realized their market demo was years older than they initially realized, and the expensive site they financed now looked too immature. They weren’t prepared to spend the same amount all over again, but desperately needed a rebrand to mature the site and attract more of its target market.

In addition, Blush also needed to save part of their budget to pay a contractor developer an average of $75/hour for bug fixes, improvements, and troubleshooting. Paying a contractor developer meant slow communication and long waiting times before the issue would be resolved. It was difficult for them to imagine a solution to both problems without taking out a small business loan. Blush is a cash flow heavy company without interest in giving away equity, so finding a solution they could pay for out of pocket was an attractive option.


Blush hired Wingman and pays $299/mo for a fresh, modern, rebranded site as well as 24/5 support for bugs, tech issues, client accounts, hosting, and security. Blush was assigned a lead designer and an account manager, and together they created a new, mature look for the Blush website. Once the website was up and running, Blush was able to utilize unlimited updates to the site as well as support for bugs and client account issues.


After the launch of the new Blush site, existing Blush clients immediately noticed the branding difference and complimented Blush on their mature look that finally mirrors the typical age of their target market.

Instead of waiting weeks for bugs to be resolved and updates to be made, Blush contacts their account manager and within days (and sometimes hours) the issue is resolved. There is constant and consistent communication between Blush and their account managers, which provides a level of security that was foreign for Blush before.

Furthermore, Wingman provides intuitive and accessible wordpress website editing, allowing the Blush team to make design changes themselves. As a company that is exceptionally hands on with their clients, they like to make instant changes in order to test out new copy. Being able to freely edit their site without needing permission from a developer has been a huge stress relief.

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