Best Looking. Best Cooking. Smokers & Grills. Handcrafted in Texas since 1983.


Located in Houston, TX. Pitts & Spitts is the premier manufacturer of American made, high quality smokers and grills since 1983. Pitts & Spitts has been a legend in the BBQ Business for over 30 years and has been mixing Texas Tradition with new world techniques to consistently produce the best looking, best cooking pits. As times have changed, so has their marketing strategy and they really need to start forming their online reputation with the first step being a strong social presence.

"I've been working with Beefy for two years and have been very happy with their product. They've truly listened to my goals for my brand and the proof is obvious in the evolution we've seen in our online presence. We routinely receive compliments on our social media and website -- which we’re very proud of!"


Prior to new ownership, the social media presence was handled in-house and had been under-managed and under-utilized. According to Pitts & Spitts owner Ryan, social media is one of the most effective and inexpensive channels that can be used to create brand awareness. Lack of effective presence there equated to lack of effective brand penetration into the market. If they wanted to be successful and competitive in the pit making market, they really needed to take the time to learn and understand how social media works and how it ties into the overall growth, visibility, and perception of their brand.


As they started exploring options for a solution, they heard great things and got references about Wingman and decided to go with us because we offered the ability to create a tailored solution for their business and they had a dedicated Social Media Manager who helped them develop a brand voice that stays true to their roots while being progressive, to attract a new generation of customers online.


In the first year of partnership with Wingman, Pitts & Spitts saw a significant increase in follower count and inbound messages. Overall account stats went up from roughly 400k impressions to 1Million, 7,900 engagements to 40k, and we saw an increase in link clinks from 298 to nearly 2,000 across all social channels.

Year 1 (2016):

Year 2 (2017):

Year 3 (up to Oct 30th, 2018):

Because of this online success and visibility, Pitts & Spitts was able to release a new Maverick Series Pellet Grill which had a successful online launch and completely transformed their product and revenue mix.

Furthermore, having a Social Media Manager partner with them on strategy and execution has not only exceeded goals for the brand but also empowered the company to take their own initiative on social when it comes to creating new brand partnerships.

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