How to Generate Leads Using Hello Bar  

So, what is Hello Bar? Hello Bar is your new best friend. The idea behind it is simple. It’s a floating bar on your website where a visitor can always see a call to action in a non-intrusive way. And as is often the case with simple things, Hello Bar is incredibly effective at getting people to complete the call to action. Instead of some flashy pop up, pop down, or some other uninvited visual guest obstructing your website visitor’s view, Hello Bar helpfully nudges your visitors towards the thing you want them to do while also allowing them to freely browse your website. Why is Hello Bar your new best friend? Because it can significantly increase the amount of leads you generate. While most pop up call to actions get clicked away almost immediately, Hello Bar remains within a visitor’s view the entire time they’re on your site. This alone can lead to bringing in more leads, but now we get to the fun part of the Hello Bar. Creating one that fits your marketing strategy. Essentially, there are three main kinds of calls to action that Hello Bar can help with: driving traffic to a specific URL, opting in to your email list, and inviting people to follow you on your social media channels. These call to action options certainly aren’t revolutionary, yet due to Hello Bar’s format, they all can be used to a greater degree. Here’s a look at these three calls to action and how you can more fully utilize them with Hello Bar to get the most leads possible:  
  1. Inviting people to subscribe to your email list. This is obviously a no-brainer, but it’s an effective no-brainer. You’ve probably seen it in action a time or two, and maybe you’ve decided to opt-in to an email list through the Hello Bar as well. The reason why this call to action works so well is because it simplifies your visitor’s experience, especially if they’re just primarily looking to get more information about your products or brand. But think about this in terms of your larger marketing strategy, and ask yourself how the Hello Bar can be integrated into that framework. For example, think about offering a free resource through the Hello Bar banner that visitors can only receive by opting in to your mailing list. Free resources are an effective way to gain the trust of your audience while helping establish yourself as an authority on whatever subject the resource happens to be about. This approach can give you valuable customer data, grow your email subscribers, and of course, generate solid leads.
  1. Driving traffic to a specific URL. This call to action is extremely useful when you’re either rolling out a new product, looking to draw attention to adding more memberships to your service, or when you’re just wanting to get people to try out your service for free. By creating a landing page that highlights any of those options, and then advertising that landing page through the Hello Bar, you can create a direct route that consistently drives traffic to that product or service. So, if you’re running a business that operates off memberships, highlight an introductory membership offer through using the Hello Bar to get visitors to click through to the landing page.
  1. Increasing your followers on social media. Even if one of your main strategies to gaining more leads is using social media to drive traffic to your site, experience tells us that people end up on our site through a number of different routes other than the one we typically expect them to take. So, by using your Hello Bar to create an easy social media call to action, you can reinforce that funnel even if someone comes in through the side door. Or, if social isn’t one of your marketing strengths but you’re looking to gain more traction, you can use this call to action to that same end by incentivizing visitors to become followers through a special offer or discount that’s only available to new followers.
  When it comes to using the Hello Bar to generate the most leads possible, it all comes down to how you use it in the context of your website’s overall marketing strategy, especially when used with new visitors in mind.   If you’re looking to generate even more leads, give Wingman a call today at (855) 390-8570 to see how we can help you get the leads you need to grow your business.