Do you have a social media marketing strategy updated for 2019? There’s nothing with reapplying a previous campaign strategy, but it’s worth updating it to current standards. The internet moves too quickly to rely on last year’s strategy working today.

Knowing 2019’s social media marketing trends will help you make the most of your efforts. Reach your audience by following them where they go, not where they were.

Keep reading for the top trends in social media marketing for 2019.

Get Engaged

One of the biggest changes social media has caused is that it has democratized interactions. A user with only a few followers can interact with a global brand.

This has created the expectation that people expect to be able to interact with businesses in a way that’s never been done before. Embrace this and encourage positive engagement with your customers.

This allows you to create superfans: customers that feel a personal bond with your brand. The obvious benefit is that these superfans are interested every time you offer a new product or service. Better, though, is that they will help spread your message through their social network, bringing you greater exposure.

Worth 1000 Words

Rich media like images and video have become increasingly valuable as internet speeds have improved. If a picture’s worth 1000 words, a video is a whole book.

It’s much easier to catch someone’s attention using striking imagery than with text, no matter how exciting it may be. Use that to your advantage by pivoting to video content wherever possible.

Blog posts are the current standard when it comes to providing relevant content. That’s starting to change. Video is slowly becoming the preferred method of sharing resources.

Where you would have written a post to share information, start pivoting to video. The concern, of course, is that video is more time intensive, as well as more expensive. However, current trends reward more an off-the-cuff style. There’s an authenticity to this that audiences prefer over more produced videos.

Go Live

Streaming live video is gaining in popularity across many social platforms. Engagement has become more and more important to audiences. Live streaming allows you to bring them into real-time interaction.

The risk with live streaming, of course, is that there’s a chance of running into technical issues with an audience watching. However, audiences can be very forgiving, and it’s this realness that makes these type of events so powerful.


The last few years have seen the rise of influencers. These are social media users with huge audiences that are willing to promote brands.

It’s gotten to the point that the highest tier of influencer can demand fees that no longer make sense for most businesses. Audiences that large is unlikely to be interested in your brand. You may find some new customers. You’ll also waste way too many resources on uninterested parties.

More effective is the micro-influencer. Where the big names can have audiences of hundreds of thousands to millions of followers, micro-influencers are far more niche.

The power of these micro-influencers is that they can be far more niche in their influence. They have a more specific base that can be a more direct fit for your brand.

Micro-influencers can be much easier to work with, too. They don’t have the same kind of demands on their attention that celebrities and experts have, nor do they command the same rate for their services.

Instead, the challenge becomes about finding the right one. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with exposure to a base far more in-tune with what you’re offering.

AI Support

While AI is a popular buzzword at the moment, can it really help your marketing efforts?


A common theme for marketing strategies in 2019 is engagement. Customers expect to be able to interact with your brand.

Chatbots are increasing in use as businesses look for a way to manage questions and concerns in real-time. Early efforts were stiff and robotic. But improving technologies allow brands to craft interactions that are life-like. They can also be tailored to represent the company’s tone and style.

Even if this technology isn’t something you’re ready to get onboard with, keep an eye on it. Advancements are making it more flexible while bringing down the cost of implementation.

It’s also good to know of what options are available to you even if you’re not ready for them now. If you find that you’re spending too much time fielding the same questions, you know there’s a solution that will manage it for you.

Be Transparent

An interesting twist in how people use social media has been a rise in concern over privacy. Early adopters weren’t aware of what value their personal information had to the social platforms. They weren’t aware of the risk data breaches offered, either.

High-profile leaks have brought this reality to the forefront of the conversation. Users are more cautious about what information they share and have a greater interest in how it’s being used.

Be upfront with your customers about what information you require and what you do with it. If you sell customer data to advertisers, it’s your responsibility to let them know.

Being caught acting in an unethical manner, or even in a morally opaque way, can cause massive damage to your credibility. Once you lose the trust of your customers it can be near-impossible to win it back.

Don’t take unnecessary risks. Be transparent with your audience and they’ll reward you with their loyalty.

Last Word on Social Media Marketing Trends

When building a marketing strategy, it’s important to know what social media marketing trends are. It’s a great way to recognize current behaviors and habits so that you can efficiently apply your efforts.

For more ideas on how to market your company online, visit our blog. There are many articles to help you find your audience and give them what they want.