How to Get More Leads from Your Website  


Your website has the potential to be your most effective salesman. It never calls in sick. It’s never late for work. It can handle an insane work load. And, if you let it, it can be one of your greatest lead generators for your business. But, your website also has the potential to be one of the slowest (and most expensive) members of your team if the right attention and care isn’t given to it. Want to avoid that? Then, follow these simple tips to start seeing more leads from your (potentially) most efficient team member.


  1. Lead tracking software. Part of running a successful online business nowadays is having accurate and up-to-date analytics on your website. It’s all about knowing what people are doing on your website so you can make informed decisions on how to market to them in the best way possible. Lead tracking software does just that, but in a more concentrated way, helping you not only identify but also manage the leads your website is generating. Without this software, you could be missing, and mismanaging, leads that could otherwise end up as sales. The good news: Wingman includes this software in every website we design for our clients.


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  1. Adding call-to-actions in multiple places. If you think having one call-to-action is enough to get the job done, you might want to reconsider. By providing a call-to-action in multiple places, you’re covering more ground and increasing the likelihood that a visitor will follow through with that action, thus generating more leads. Instead of just relying on your primary call-to-action that’s on your homepage, try finding multiple places on your website that people often visit and place an appropriate call-to-action near there. Or, try adding an inline call-to-action within your blog to get your visitors to act on what they’re reading about. No fancy graphic needed, just a line of text that’s hyperlinked to the action you want them to take.


  1. Adding a link to you blog or a call-to-action in your email signature. The last thing you want your email signature to be is some obnoxious billboard for your business. But! You don’t have to visually assault your correspondents to get them interested in your business. Instead, try adding a line at the bottom of your email signature that hyperlinks to your blog or call-to-action. Just a note: how you phrase this line is incredibly important. Avoid overused phrases like “CLICK HERE” and instead describe the link or resource in a way that will motivate people to click through without having to tell them to do so. Another effective way to do this is by using a button or graphic at the bottom of your email signature that generates interest in the call-to-action or blog post.


  1. Hello Bar. Hello Bar is a WordPress plug-in that generates leads through creating a simple bar across your browser’s window that contains a call-to-action. Simple, right? Yes, and it’s incredibly effective. Unlike pop-up call-to-actions that go away once clicked away from, Hello Bar can seamlessly blend in with your website’s overall design and can be constantly seen by your web visitors. It’s a simple and clean way to generate leads from your website.


  1. Adding Exit Intent Popups. Exit popups are an amazing way to create leads as they grab the attention of your visitors right as they’re looking for the exit. By utilizing an exit popup, you can streamline a visitor’s experience on your site and incentivize their participation through offering a special discount for signing up for your newsletter, or being entered into a contest, or offering a referral discount for those that opt-in when they go to click away. It might seem like a last-ditch effort, but it could help you retain visitors who have otherwise lost interest.


  1. Live chat tools. Providing customers with a way to connect with a business is nothing new in the history of generating leads, but live chat tools have made that connection easier than ever. Plus, online customers are trending towards using live chat features that instantly connect them to a customer service rep, since there’s a reduced wait time to get the answers they’re looking for. On top of that, you can gain valuable analytics from your live chat tools that can be used to generate new leads and funnel leads down to your sales team.


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