Staying on top of SEO trends in 2019 is a lot like trying to keep up with the whole tech industry. Too many technological, social, and cultural factors go into SEO to ever truly predict how it may change. One second you be refining keyword selection in text content, and the next you’re shooting video.

It’s not impossible to earn the number one spot in 2019, though. In fact, ranking highly isn’t exactly the point to refining your SEO strategy. Google and other major search engines are introducing snippets and making changes which may make the number one spot irrelevant.

Despite those changes, SEO is still a core part of any successful marketing strategy. People are still looking for information, and you still need to find ways to make sure they find you. Keep reading below to learn how your SEO strategy is bound to change in 2019.

1. Speak Your Mind

Voice technology is nothing new – the telephone has existed since 1876. However, signal processing technologies have improved enough for smartphone companies to use voice data in new ways. One of the biggest ways people search for information now is just by asking their virtual assistants.

Siri, Google, and Alexa are all increasingly engaging with the internet to find information. They mimic a person’s behavior as they search for information, yet algorithmically determine the most relevant results. That means you’re going to need to design your SEO for algorithms instead of people more and more.

2. Social is Engaging and Omnipresent

One of the things people are increasingly searching for online is a social media presence. Companies that aren’t actively on Twitter, Facebook, or anything else are being left behind. This isn’t just because of the algorithm, though.

Instead, people simply consider a company’s social media presence as a reflection of how trustworthy it is. That means companies which lack a social media presence get less traffic. When a company gets less traffic, it ranks lower and earns fewer leads.

3. Live For Live Video

Since social media and SEO have become so entangled, it’s also important to understand new forms of social media too. By adopting emerging media formats, you’re more likely to rank higher on search engines.

Live streaming is one of those kinds of emerging media. The format is designed to be clunky and authentic as a way to engage people with your company at a deeper level than press releases can. More engagement means more traffic, which means more trustworthiness, and a higher ranking.

4. Connect Communities

Companies are taking the final step into social media and are developing communities of customers. Your time with a customer doesn’t end when they log off your site or leave your doors. The service or product you give them follows them for as long as they want.

Since they are engaging with you as a company, it only makes sense for them to engage you personally as well. Companies are creating Facebook groups, private servers, and other tightly-knit groups to connect customers with each other. Businesses build company loyalty through these communities, and most of all – they create website traffic.

5. Be Intelligent, Use AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are more than the latest Silicon Valley buzzword. These technologies are increasingly becoming on the most important backend technologies today. They assist in searches and can tailor results to individuals.

To succeed in an environment like this, remember to tailor content for AI as well as people. By balancing both, you’ll quickly rise above anyone still stuck in 2018.

6. Snippets Snipping Away The Number 1 Spot

The number one spot for certain keywords was once the most coveted thing in all of SEO. Now, the number one spot is becoming an afterthought. Google snippets, which fetches information from web pages to display natively on Google, has devalued it.

To succeed, you need to create content worth pulling out. There’s something above being number one now, and it’s a whole new game.

7. Context Over Content

Google shows their users the best results, and one of the ways it tells what’s best is by telling how keywords are used. The context keywords are used in matters – as well as metadata such as a web pages length. The longer a web page is with appropriate keyword usage, the more Google will think it covers a topic in-depth.

That means Google doesn’t just choose the best information from the pages with the best SEO and LSI keywords. They also choose the best pages based on how much its creator spends on the topic.

8. LSI Keywords Pair With Target Ones

Selecting individual keywords is no longer enough to develop an effective SEO strategy. You also need to select appropriate keywords to appeal to Latent Semantic Indexing. Basically, LSI is about selecting keywords related to your primary keyword to make your web page contextually appropriate.

That means Google is more likely to select your website for snippets and high-ranking spots.

9. Desktops Move Over For Mobile

There was a time that people actually used their computers for more than just work. People would surf the web reading random information and landing on different websites. Those days are over now.

Instead, people use their smartphones, and Google knows that. It favors websites that are optimized for mobile, which means your website needs to be mobile-friendly to rank in 2019!

10. Tube Leads To Conversions Through YouTube

One of the most powerful, and underused, tools available today for marketers is YouTube. The platform is more than just a social media video tool – it’s a way to visually market yourself. Through YouTube, you can lead people to your website and directly encourage conversions, just by talking to a camera.

SEO Trends in 2019 Are About Information Quality

New SEO trends in 2019 are becoming less about making more information available to more people. In previous years, Google strived to ensure that information was freely available. Now, it’s striving to ensure that information is high-quality and relevant.

The company is culling dead links and is striving to filter irrelevant information. In a time when its users are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of information, it’s a vital step. Google is trying to make a better world by getting people better information so that they can trust what they read.

And you can always trust us to make sure you rise to the top of Google and that you will get more traffic. Contact us, and we will ensure your customers trust you too!