Staying On Top of Your Email Game: The Top Email Marketing Trends of 2019

email marketing trends

Did you know that it’s forecasted there will be over 4 billion email users by 2022?

Email isn’t going away anytime soon, and if you aren’t using it in your marketing strategy, it’s time to start.

With the number of people who have access to email, using email marketing is more important than ever. Email marketing trends change year to year, but let’s take a look at how emails are making it to user’s inboxes this year.

Email Marketing Trends in 2019

Have you ever come back to your email inbox after being away for a long weekend, only to realize 90% of the emails you received were spam?

Email marketing is a useful tool if done correctly. If you’re sending emails for the sake of sending emails, they will likely get linked as spam. Your campaign needs to be targeted with a specific message relevant to your audience.

First things first, you need to have their permission to send marketing emails. Once you’ve acquired this, determine their demographic and where they fit into your marketing strategy. Then, when you send emails, they will be relevant and interesting for the user.

There are ways to get your email to break through the clutter. With the new year and refreshed marketing budgets, these new trends promise results and innovative strategy.

Personalization of Marketing for Users

Apple set the stage of personalization with its release of Animoji – an emoji that mimics your facial expressions, using your voice. People loved it. The idea of personalizing emails for your audience is not too farfetched.

Consumers are aware their data is used for all sorts of reasons today, from marketing to trends and research.

Marketers collect so much data from everyday user activity. Using this data for marketing campaigns and targeted emails is now a nice touch. It’s far from the old view of it being “creepy.”

If data isn’t collected, the first thing a marketing team needs to do is incorporate ways to collect the data. Users are willing to give over data such as their name and email. With this, your business is able to target users in a unique way and utilize the collected data.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), marketing is only going to get better. Machine learning makes it possible for you to gain knowledge about a user and their behavior. If they tend to open emails with certain subject lines, machine learning applies this knowledge to provide the most successful campaigns.

There’s an App for That

Companies are pushing to have mobile apps available for their users. Sales have primarily been desktop based in prior years, but due to the mobile app push, mobile orders are growing.

Businesses have worked on providing top-notch app updates to improve the user experience, making it easier for consumers to purchase through the app. Email marketing is used to push subscribers to visit the app for special discounts, promo codes, or videos that aren’t available on the desktop site.

The Quality of Content

The inundated email market makes it difficult for the user to perceive any value in marketing emails. The goal this year is to provide valuable, targeted emails to users that focus on deliverability.

Spam filters are becoming more intelligent, meaning marketers have to work harder to get their emails to the inbox. Sending relevant information is one way to get there, and to cut back on the number of emails sent.

Email list management is also important for deliverability. Verify your email prior to sending them out, clean up your email database on a consistent basis, and use segmentation for your lists.

Interactive Content

Emails in 2019 are a lot different than emails from the ’90s. They aren’t static. They have photos and interactive content, including polls, games, click-ability, and images.

If you have a question for your audience but don’t want to create and send out a full survey, email is the way to go. You can ask polls directly inside of emails, and your email marketing system analyzes the results for you. Using interactive content is a great way to get your audience engaged and can help you with more sales.

Loyalty Programs

Another email trend for 2019 is releasing and utilizing loyalty programs. These loyalty programs collect customer’s data and their behavior. Emails that offer rewards and points for consumers to use have value and are exciting to open.

Marketers are able to send email campaigns based around what consumers like to purchase and buy. If they’ve come to your site and clicked on a purple sweater, an email can go out that features purple sweaters for 30% off. There are higher conversions of sales when these emails are more personalized for the buyer.

Stay Up-to-Date on Trends

Email marketing trends change as new technology is released. With the rise of AI and ML, email marketing is becoming smarter, faster, more efficient, and exciting for consumers. When marketers take care in how they design their email campaigns, making them relevant to the users, less end up in the spam folder.

Marketing teams have whole new ideas to play with when it comes to marketing, from polls and quizzes to featuring pictures and videos directly in emails. The days of being creepy are over as personalization is making a comeback and appreciated by customers. 

Customers now get to receive coupons for their favorite items, freebies on their birthday, and insider news. Email marketing is becoming more personal, more valuable, and more efficient.

When it’s done right, marketers see more conversions of leads and higher sales, brand loyalty, and overall excitement to click open!

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