Did you know that 38% of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive

In a digital era, where so many businesses are trying to get attention online, it is critical for your businesses success that you have a well-designed website.

Is your website attracting and engaging your audience? If it isn’t then you need to check out these 10 beautiful website designs and fuel your creativity now.

1. Beagle

The best looking websites are often ones that are beautifully designed.

An Adobe study found that 59% of people will read or browse through something on a website that is beautifully designed, as opposed to something that is plain and boring. 

Beagle achieves a good balance between a website that is both visually pleasing and articulate enough for the user to learn more about their product. It does this in a simple and easy-to-understand approach. 

Beautiful website designs are very well, but you also need to remember to tell your users what your products is, how it works, and why they should care and buy it.  

2. 84 Colors

Great website designs need to have easy access to contact information so your customers can contact you.

84 Colors contact information can easily be accessed and they are very thorough with the ways in which you can contact them. They provide an email address, contact form, and a Skype account, as well as links to their social media profiles.

Their website also combines illustration and textures which make the page attractive and interesting.

3. Overflow

Beautiful websites start with Overflow, it seamlessly guides the user through their website. 

Overflow use vibrant red call-to-action buttons to show the user where they need to click if they want to download their tools. 

They also promote their product with a flow diagram video, so the user knows what their experience will be like if they choose to their services.

Often including a video on your homepage can be clunky, but Overflow have strategically placed it and it enhances the user’s engagement with the website.  

4. Minimums

Sometimes good websites have bold, innovative designs, such as Minimums website. Minimums rely on a grid-based layout to present their website to the users. 

Websites can sometimes look overcrowded with a grid-based design, but Minimums have ensured that their design is well balanced with large typography and high-quality images. 

If you want a grid-based design that is visually pleasing, take notes from this website!

5. ETQ

Less is more. No really, it is. Just have a look at ETQ, their website takes minimalism to an eye-catching and visually satisfying new level. 

Stripping back their website to the bare minimum (which is photos of their products) helps the user feel appreciated. 

ETQ let’s its large, high-quality images do the talking. The images are coupled with strong typography and simple color-based backgrounds to help the user focus on what they came for.

Your customer comes for your products, so why put a load of pop-ups in their face? 

6. Amanda Martocchio Architecture

Another website that lets its products do the talking is Amanda Martocchio Architecture. 

This beautiful website displays high-quality images of houses that the company has previously designed. Using your website as your portfolio can be a very effective way to show your customers what you are about. 

Architecture is all about visually pleasing designs, after all, so they probably know a thing or two about how to entice their website users to explore their website. 

7. Hoss Agency

The power of images should never be overlooked when you are creating beautiful website designs. But why not take it a step further as Hoss Agency have done?

Hoss Agency is a PR company that organizes events and as such, they have eye-catching moving images of people partying and having a good time.

They definitely showcase what you can do and make you want to have a good time with them.

They also use an easy-to-navigate layout with the option of scrolling down their website or the choice to navigate their website by clicking on the menu.

8. Woven

How do you achieve a beautiful website design if you are a content-based website? Woven have the answers you need.

The online publication has created a website that seamlessly combines an engaging website with easy-to-read content.

Perhaps their best feature is that it is free from distractive pop-ups or ads. This ensures the user can just enjoy a fully content-focused experience.

9. Bright Byte

Take a note out of Bright Byte’s website, and make sure your website is optimized for a whole range of screens. 

Bright Byte has made sure that they have a responsive layout that adjusts for the various screen types and sizes. So whether you are on your phone, tablet, or computer the website perfectly fits the screen.

10. Rainforest Guardians

Interactivity is key, as Rainforest Guardians have proved. They are a nonprofit organization that wants to build awareness about deforestation. To build awareness, they let the user ‘visit’ the villages in the Amazon and the people who live in them, so you can better understand the effects of deforestation.

If you want to make someone care about what you do, make sure they can get involved.  

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How to Create Beautiful Website Designs

Always have your user’s experience in mind when you are designing your website. A website that is easy to use and navigate will be favored to a website that your customers can’t use. 

Research your competition and other businesses websites and see what design features you like and which ones you can implement in your own website.

Then craft up a number of beautiful website designs and ask as many people as you can for their opinions on your designs.

Remember to also test your website for user experience. You could do this as a team, or there are websites that can test the usability of your website. 

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