seo mistakes

There are more than 1.94 billion websites live on the internet. Each day, this number goes up as new websites go live.

All websites aim for visibility yet only a handful manage to gain it. However, the problem isn’t the topics chosen or the way of presenting content.

Overcoming these blogging mistakes makes the difference between a site that lands on the first search page and one that gets buried in pages in the double digits.

There are certain SEO mistakes you need to avoid to succeed. Read on to learn what they are.

1. Ignoring Off-Site SEO

Search engine optimization shouldn’t only be on your site. While you may have the right content targeting your audience, that’s not enough to generate the traffic you need for your site to perform well.

You should dedicate time to write content for other sites with links to your own. Being a guest blogger for another site also offers you a better perspective of the category you’ve focused on.

In the same way, you can allow guest bloggers on your site to contribute to the content you focus on.

2. Not Auditing the Website Often 

Just because your articles rank well doesn’t mean that you don’t audit the site for what works and what doesn’t. An active site needs auditing at least once every month with aspects such as the quality of the content, the loading speed, mobile friendliness, and other aspects.

3. Focusing on Images More than the Content

SEO experts stress the importance of quality images in making your SEO content stand out.

The problem with most users is that, instead of writing the best bits of the content and highlighting them for search engines to use in ranking their sites, they embed them in their images. As search engines can’t read such content, it won’t add value to your site in that form.

4. Purchasing Backlinks

Backlinks expand the size of your audience significantly. Previously, you could gain users simply by buying backlinks whereby you pay the owners of specific sites and they insert links to your content.

That no longer works given that only backlinks on reputable sites receive search engine approval. They also need to be embedded naturally as forced ones get flagged for spam.

5. Not Being Dynamic With SEO Strategies

Among the most important site strategies you should employ is constantly learning and employing emerging SEO strategies. The reason a site will be dominating search results one period and disappear in the other is that it remains static and sticks to obsolete SEO strategies.

During the audits of your site, you also need to ensure your site’s SEO strategies are in line with the latest trends in SEO optimization. This may require you to update the content, change the structure of your presentations among other changes.

6. Ignoring Customer Questions

The primary goal of your site should be to answer the most common customer questions. Simply putting out content will not be useful to your target audience.

This mistake can be easily avoided by checking the People Also Ask section of your search results on a search engine. Also, keep an eye on the related searches section for similar searches made about your topic of interest.

Besides making your content more aligned to the needs of your customers, this strategy helps you write content in a natural tone which is easier to read for both search engines and customers.

7. Poor Use of Internal Links

This SEO mistake occurs in two ways one of which is when you don’t use internal links as your site grows. If you don’t rejuvenate your old articles through internal links in new articles, search engines will forget them and go for fresher content.

Secondly, this mistake occurs due to the wrong use of internal links. Just because you’re citing your own article doesn’t mean you can site any of your previous articles. Done poorly, the use of internal links reduces the quality of both articles and how they rank in search engines.

8. Wrong Keyword Optimization

You may write great content but it performs poorly. Most often, you have focused on the optimization of the wrong keywords. This can occur when you pick on a topic that isn’t popular on search engines, relying on search phrases that don’t convert, ignoring the relevance of keywords to your topic, not picking the right audience for your content, and ignoring the click-through rates.

You can avoid this mistake by segmenting search volumes by geographical locations, focusing on high volume phrases that convert, paying attention to click-through rates and AdWords values, and choosing keywords that are relevant to your audience.

9. Ignoring ‘Google My Business’ Listings

Google My Business is a tool that allows customers to easily find your business depending on location and other aspects. Without claiming this listing, you will miss out on a lot of web traffic that comes from ‘near me’ searches.

10. Ignoring Meta Descriptions

A lot of people fail to provide a specific meta description for their site owing to ignorance. Others forget to use proper titles for their content. These two omissions make it hard for search engines to find specific content from your site.

The meta description should provide the customer with a straight and short answer to their main question if they don’t have time to scour the whole article. How well you develop this part of your article determines how well the article will rank.

Also, take advantage of major SEO trends that allow you to tweak your articles properly. With such a tool, you’re able to avoid a lot of these mistakes.

Get the Best Site Optimization by Avoiding SEO Mistakes

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