When you’re planning on launching a website, or if you’re thinking about redesigning your current one, there always seems to be a large question mark looming over what it will end up costing you. It can often feel like there’s an endless number of variables to consider when trying to wrap your head around an estimated figure, and that’s not even mentioning the variables you didn’t know to anticipate. So, we figured we’d create a list of things to keep in mind when planning for the cost of your next website.

Domain Name Registration 

If you’re redesigning a site, this probably won’t be much of an issue for you, unless your domain has been inactive for a good while. However, if this is your first go at launching a website, one of the first things to consider is creating (or finding) and registering your domain name. Creating a domain name isn’t as easy as it used to be and can cause some major headaches right out of the gate if you’re not prepared. But, once the domain name is created, it can be registered on sites like godaddy.com, register.com, or networksolutions.com. Purchasing the domain name is an annual cost to consider and can range anywhere from $15-$50 per year, depending on the name and service used.

Web Hosting Services

Your web host is essentially your Internet landlord, and you rent space from them for your website. Hosting your website means having a physical location where your website’s content is stored and where visitors come to when they’re browsing your site. When making the choice as to who you’re going to host your website through, keep in mind that who you host with can be critical in determining the success of your website. Web host services can help determine how fast your site loads and your search engine performance, so don’t skimp here. You can expect to spend anywhere from $30-$50 here annually.

Backing Up Your Site

Another thing to note while talking about your website’s data storage is planning to have your site automatically backed up in case of the unimaginable happening. If that day comes either from a fire, cyber threat, or any other unfortunate occurrence, you want to make sure that your website data is protected. These services vary in pricing depending on the complexity and size of your website, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $30-$70 for websites ranging from 10 GB to 30 GB.


Once your website is initially completed and launched, it can feel like you’ve climbed to the peak of the Internet mountain and can relax while your new fancy site does all the work for you. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Websites require regular maintenance to make sure they’re performing for your business as they should, and it doesn’t take much for them to start slowing down. If you’re running a small business, chances are you probably don’t have the time to create and implement a comprehensive content strategy, continually update the plugins and software, and simultaneously run performance assessments. Plan for someone to do that work for you and your website will make good on the investment you’ve made to keep it running as it should. The cost here will vary on what all your website needs but can range from $100 monthly to $100’s of dollars an hour, depending on the service. Whatever you decide, make your decision on what will work best for you and your business.


Something else to consider when coming up with an estimated cost for a website is what you’re going to spend on making sure you have accurate and up-to-date analytics. Not knowing your website’s analytics is like flying in a snowstorm without lights, with your eyes covered, while letting go of the controls. It’s not going to go well. Just like you measure sales, stock, orders, etc., tracking your website is just as important for the success of your business. Services that specialize in analytics can help you focus in on what’s working on your website (and what isn’t doing so hot), as well as providing other crucial bits of information for you such as real-time site visitors, visitor actions, notifying you if your site is down, and even social media analytics. Pricing for these services depends on what all you’re wanting to keep track of and can range from $80-$200 annually for most sites.

Keeping all these different variables in mind, you can figure out a realistic estimate to what your website will end up costing you and avoid the shock of unanticipated expenses. The great thing about Wingman is our one-price for everything model. We don’t want you to have any surprise costs to your website because you have enough to worry about just running your business. Let Wingman take the worry of web costs off your shoulders today.